7/30/1939 ~ 7/5/1998





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    Mom was a very loving parent with many health and personal struggles in life. Died at 58 years young, she never knew what it was not been sick and living in a loving home with her children and husband. She loved Jesus and never questioned why me, but only ask for strength to continue on. She's in heaven now, enjoying her spiritual life again with her parents and other members of the family. I miss you mom, I wish you were still here guiding me through my struggles. I just reach 59 years old and the only thing I can't realize is how young you were when you left us. God Bless and sorry I let you down. I Love You, your Son.

    Posted almost 3 years ago by ereyes1956

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  • Rachael Reyes
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  • Rachael Reyes
  • ereyes1956

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