All burials are enhanced with the TombFinder Capabilities.

Burial plots may be purchased pre-need, however, other services must be purchased at interment or when needed.
Pre-need burial plot purchase payment plan is available.

Saturday interments must be concluded before 11:00 am.

* Fees may be adjusted by the board at any time.

Bardsdale Cemetery District General Rules

In an effort to continue to make Bardsdale Cemetery a place of serenity, beauty, and enjoyment for all, we ask that you are mindful and considerate of others. Please remember that we are sharing this lovely location, and must consider the feelings of many. Therefore, to continue to meet our high standards, we ask you to please follow these rules:

  1. All visitors shall conduct themselves and their activities in a respectful manner that is appropriate for a cemetery
  2. No loud music, please consider others who might want to reflect and enjoy the quiet.
  3. All pets must be on a leash at all times, and cleanup after your pet.
  4. Flowers and decorations at time of internment will be allowed to remain on the grave for one week, then these items will be discarded
  5. No raised decorations, except natural and artificial flowers. This ban includes, but not limited to balloons, pinwheels, candles, statues, and crosses. However, two (2) balloons will be allowed on the following days ONLY:     deceased birthday, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's, Memorial Day, Veterans' Day, All Saints, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's; and the anniversary day of the person's death. The balloons must be made of latex, and no mylar balloons allowed for safety concerns. The balloons must be secured in such a manner that they will not come loose and no more than 18" in height including the string. No more than two (2) balloons per site are allowed. Any items not meeting these requirements, will be discarded
  6. No food or beverages, or any other items that management considers unsafe or inappropriate fora cemetery is allowed and will be removed and disposed.
  7. Items including, but not limited to, banners, lights, balloons, pinwheels or any other decorations may NOT be placed in any tree or shrub. These items will be removed immediately.
  8. All natural and artificial flowers and items will be gathered and discarded weekly on Wednesday mornings.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our Bardsdale Cemetery a pleasant and pretty resting place for all.


  • In-Ground Cremations
    • Plot: $900
    • Endowment: $300
    • Inurnment: $800
    • Total:$2,000
  • Niche Wall Cremations
    • *Niche: $1,000($1,500 Dbl)
    • Endowment: $300(per person)
    • Inurnment: $600(per person)
    • Engraving: $300(per person)
    • Total: $2,200 single
    •          $2,700 Dbl first person
  • *Bottom row on Niche Wall will be $850*
  • Traditional Burial
    • Plot: $1,800
    • Endowment: $300
    • Internment: $1,750
    • Vault: $750
    • Total: $4,600
  • Stack Burial
    • Plot: $2,800
    • Endowment: $300(per person)
    • Internment: $1,750(per person)
    • Vault: $750(per person)
    • Total: $5,600(First Person)
  • Disinternments
    • Regular Burial: $5,000
    • Cremation: $2,500
  • Additional Fees
    • Non-Resident Regular: $2,000
    • Non-Resident Cremation: $1,000
    • Marker Installation: $300
    • Military Marker Installation: $150
    • Vault Handeling: $500
    • Saturday: $2,000
    • All Fees due no later than 72 hours prior to service.
    • We do not accept credit cards.
    • Only plots or a Niche may be purchased pre need.


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